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The Governor’s journal transcription

One of our listeners requested on Facebook that we post the transcription of The Governor’s journal from season 3 episode 5. Here it is:

Page 1

Respond back to Anthony smith’s email… as soon as
To Do – Find more eggs – Ask John. They gave you the light-bulbs, whiskey
More notes on what to tell the town… they need to stay calm – Power sources, water supply
remember meeting <something> mayor – 9am @ the small <something> place, <something> place around the corner to Mr. H
Today made me wonder if being the governor or being the man in charge makes the people feel like they actually have someone to look up to / feel like they’re being taking care of… something <scribbles> I doubt that <scribbles>
I believe I’m a good leader. Sometimes I just need to relax. I love talking about my town and supporting it just sometimes I just need to find a way to relax… like a bottle of scotch and some classic Sinatra.
Plan for tomorrow… I grew up always being told to be one step ahead. myself .. <something> to never stumble.

Page 2

Garbage trucks for city (Underlined)
check into hospitals – get information on superintendents of sanitation (circled)
Judiciary – finalize the budget for the seconds half of the year. i.e. st. repair – road signs new pavement, etc (underlined or maybe crossed out)
laws cancelled due to primary legislation
Guards – crime has increased 20@. I want my town to be completely crime free.
update police enforcement
new cars?
enforce more public security
Food rationing
Prices on various types of food
increased 40%
HOPES of decreasing at least (circled) 20% of threat inflation within the next year.
Activities – Get ideas form towns people
town meeting to be held every Thursday evening

tighter community
ideas for future events
Hearings: trial about sanitation laws. Occurs Thursday (circled)

Page 3 – Names

Brian, Bobby, Nick, Alice, Susan, David, Emily, Brandon, Jennifer, Zachary, Alyssa, Drew, Taylor, Melissa, Holly, Johnathan, Richard, Keith, Leah, Elliot, Patrick, Elizabeth, Penny (bold and underlined)

2 Responses to “The Governor’s journal transcription”

  1. Shenandoah says:

    Did you notice the Governor misspelled “Keith” in the journal?

  2. Robin says:

    Maybe they were looking for eggs from hens to incubate and raise into chickens. Just a thought.