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The Talking Dead #90, pt. 2: “New York Comic Con 2012, Day 2”

Today was panel-day at NYCC for Jason and I. We spent a lot of time sitting a big room listening to people talk and watching footage – and it was awesome. Tune it to hear all our thoughts on the day.

One Response to “The Talking Dead #90, pt. 2: “New York Comic Con 2012, Day 2””

  1. Katharine says:

    Well once again your extreme quality of perfection in description of sensory experiences puts me directly in the place watching what you see without being there. So well done because it’s so natural and even if there was something you missed or skipped I would not know, so that’s okay!
    Thanks for the play by play, including the aspect of the limited availability of variety of foodstuffs! I tried to imagine eating only steamed hot dogs in all that time…Thank you Chris and Jason for doing that for all of us who couldn’t…