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The Talking Dead #431: More Season 9 Feedback

On the podcast this week we read even more of your feedback about the season 9 finale, and discuss a few recent news items from the world of The...

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The Talking Dead #430: “The Storm” Feedback

Was this the best, or the worst episode of season 9? How come Lydia didn’t provide any Whisperer intel? Would the zombie apocalypse impact climate change? Tune in for...

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The Talking Dead #429: s9e16 – “The Storm”

Everyone has to battle the elements on The Walking Dead this week. Tune in for our full recap of season 9 episode 16, “The Storm”.

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The Talking Dead #428: “The Calm Before” Feedback

How did Alpha get all those people out of The Kingdom? Why didn’t the pikes poke their brains? Which member of Jason’s family makes a surprise cameo? Tune in...

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The Talking Dead #427: s9e15 – “The Calm Before”

King Ezekiel kicks off the fair at The Kingdom while Daryl, Michonne, and Carol head back to Hilltop and make a brutal discovery along the way. Tune in for...

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The Talking Dead #426: “Scars” Feedback

Is there more to Michonne’s character than just being a warrior? Was Daryl necessary in this episode? Does Michonne command a swarm of demon children? Tune in for the...

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