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The Talking Dead #548: s11e05 – “Out of the Ashes”

Eugene and the gang are introduced to The Commonwealth, but quickly run into some trouble. Meanwhile, Aaron goes down a dark path when he encounters an old enemy. Tune...

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The Talking Dead #547: “Rendition” Feedback

Has The Walking Dead become too repetitive? What did Daryl really mean when he said he was “afraid of letting go”? Why does Jason think about torturing James Bond...

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The Talking Dead #546: s11e04 – “Rendition”

Daryl is put to the test this week when he encounters a familiar face amongst The Reapers. Tune in for our complete recap of The Walking Dead season 11...

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The Talking Dead #545: “Hunted” Feedback

Could Elijah be a former Reaper? Would lasooing a horse really work? Why doesn’t Hershel have a southern accent? Tune in for the answers to these questions and more...

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The Talking Dead #544: s11e03 – “Hunted”

This week on The Walking Dead, Maggie’s group takes some heavy losses as they are hunted by The Reapers. Meanwhile, Carol and a few others have better luck going...

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The Talking Dead #543: s11e01 & 02 Feedback

Were the train car scenes just as confusing as those in The Commonwealth? What memories did Father Gabe and Negan share? What’s the deal with Jason and hair? Tune...

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