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The Talking Dead #426: “Scars” Feedback

Is there more to Michonne’s character than just being a warrior? Was Daryl necessary in this episode? Does Michonne command a swarm of demon children? Tune in for the...

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The Talking Dead #425: s9e14 – “Scars”

The Walking Dead jumps between two time periods this week, with Michonne learning an important lesson in both. Tune in for our full recap of season 9 episode 14,...

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The Talking Dead #424: “Chokepoint” Feedback

Were The Highwaymen introduced just to die? Why do The Whisperers masks hide them from zombies? Was Earl hitching or un-hitching the horses? Tune in for the answers to...

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The Talking Dead #423: s9e13 – “Chokepoint”

Beta comes after Lydia but has to get through Daryl first. Meanwhile, Ezekiel and The Kingdom have to deal with a threat to the trade fair. Tune in for...

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The Talking Dead #422: “Guardians” Feedback

How exactly do we define a “cult”? Why didn’t The Whisperers hear the walkers coming? How did Jason get rid of his pet pigeon? Tune in for the answers...

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The Talking Dead #421: s9e12 – “Guardians”

Alpha and The Whisperers return home with Lydia, while Michonne struggles with her role at Alexandria. Tune in for our full recap of The Walking Dead season 9 episode...

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