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The Talking Dead #555: “For Blood” Feedback

Would walkers be able to stand during that storm? Why were Maggie and Gabe crawling through garbage? What does Jason have against making phone calls? Tune in for the...

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The Talking Dead #554: s11e08 – “For Blood”

Maggie launches her assault on The Reapers at Meridian, while the folks back at Alexandria have to deal with an intense storm that threatens their security. Tune in to...

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The Talking Dead #553: “Promises Broken” Feedback

Did Leah ignore Daryl because she already knows what he wants to talk about? What’s under the green tarp at Meridian? Why does Jason know so much about some...

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The Talking Dead #552: s11e07 – “Promises Broken”

This week on The Walking Dead Eugene gets into more trouble at The Commonwealth, jeopordizing his chances of going free. Meanwhile Leah and Daryl continue the search for Pope’s...

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The Talking Dead #551: “On the Inside” Feedback

Was the horror house part of the Underground Railroad? How awesome was Lauren Ridloff? What classes did Jason take in high school? We answer these question and more in...

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The Talking Dead #550: s11e06 – “On the Inside”

Connie returns to The Walking Dead this week but ends up stuck inside a house of horrors. Meanwhile, Daryl accompanies The Reapers to Maggie’s safehouse. Tune in to the...

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