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Fear The Talking Dead #389: s4e10 “Close Your Eyes”

Alicia escapes the storm in an abandoned house, and is forced to come to terms with recent events. Tune in for our thoughts on Fear The Walking Dead season 4...

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Fear The Talking Dead #388: s4e9 “People Like Us”

In the aftermath of the events at the stadium our characters have settled in to new locations, but Morgan is contemplating another big move. Tune in for our thoughts...

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The Talking Dead #387: “SDCC 2018 Trailer”

It’s a bit later than usual, but Jason and I finally sit down to discuss the season 9 trailer released at San Diego Comic Con 2018. There’s also plenty...

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The Talking Dead #386: “Cargo”

I’m pleased to announce that Christina makes her return to the show this week, along with Kim and Scot from The Fear Me Podcast for a thorough discussion of...

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The Talking Dead #385: News & Solo

This week on the podcast Jason and I get caught up on the latest news about The Walking Dead, and we also finally get around to chatting about Solo:...

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The Talking Dead #384: Season 8 Wrap-Up Crossover, Part 1

At long last, I’m happy to present our season 8 wrap-up crossover podcast with Jason and Karen from The Walking Dead ‘Cast! Together, we run down our top 6...

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