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The Talking Dead #399: “The Bridge” Feedback

Could Aaron and Daryl really get together? Was Aaron’s arm saveable? What exactly is a Worzel Gummidge? Tune in for the answers to these questions and more! — Please...

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The Talking Dead #398: s9e2 – “The Bridge”

This week on The Walking Dead, a lot of time was spent building bridges over water and between communities. Tune in to hear Jason and I recap season 9...

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The Talking Dead #397: “A New Beginning” Feedback

Did Maggie do the right thing by executing Gregory? Should Daryl have been in charge of The Sanctuary? Does everybody own a canoe in Canada? Tune in for for...

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The Talking Dead #396: s9e1 – “A New Beginning”

The Walking Dead returned this week for season 9, with “A New Beginning”. It’s been a year and a half since season 8 ended, and lots has changed. Tune...

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Fear The Talking Dead #395: s4e16 “…I Lose Myself”

In the season 4 finale of Fear The Walking Dead, Morgan races against time to help his friends! Was it a satisfying ending, or are we just glad that...

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Fear The Talking Dead #394: s4e15 “I Lose People…”

This week on Fear The Walking Dead the group searches for a way off the roof, while Alicia and Charlie rescue some old friends. Tune in for our thoughts...

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