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Fear The Talking Dead #436: s5e3 – “Humbug’s Gulch”

This week FTWD focuses primarily on John and June, who run into an old but familiar face. Is it as good as the last time we had a J&J...

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Fear The Talking Dead #435: s05e02 – “The Hurt That Will Happen”

Tune in for our chat about FTWD season 5, episode 2 to hear us talk about radioactive walkers, Alicia & Morgan’s relationship, nuclear power plants, and much more. —Please...

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Fear The Talking Dead #434: s05e01 – “Here To Help”

Fear The Walking Dead has returned for season 5, and that means we’re back to cover it. How many pilots are there in the group? Is Logan really that...

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The Talking Dead #433: Season 9 Wrap-Up Crossover, Part 2

Today on the podcast it’s part 2 of our season 9 wrap-up crossover with Jason and Karen from The Walking Dead ‘Cast. Join us as we count down our...

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The Talking Dead #432: Black Summer & Avengers: Endgame

Jason and I are back after a couple of weeks off! No Walking dead content on the show this time – instead we take a look at the new...

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The Talking Dead #431: More Season 9 Feedback

On the podcast this week we read even more of your feedback about the season 9 finale, and discuss a few recent news items from the world of The...

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