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The Talking Dead #530: FTWD s06e11 – “The Holding”

Al, Alicia, Luciana, and Wes dig deeper into the underground lair of The Doomsday Group on Fear The Walking Dead this week. Tune in for our discussion on season...

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The Talking Dead #529: FTWD s06e10 – “Handle With Care”

All the groups reconvene at the Dam to discuss their common enemy, but things don’t exactly go as expected after Morgan leaves Daniel in charge. Tune in for our...

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The Talking Dead #528: FTWD s06e09 – “Things Left to Do”

This week on Fear the Walking Dead there’s a lineup, a double-cross, a shootout, and a standoff. Tune in for our thoughts on season 6 episode 9, “Things Left...

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The Talking Dead #527: FTWD s06e08 – “The Door”

Fear The Walking Dead returns this week with a John Dorie centric episode titled “The Door”. Secrets are revealed while John teams up with Morgan and Dakota to clear...

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The Talking Dead #526: “Here’s Negan” Feedback

Could we see ourselves rooting for Negan? How did he go from adoring Lucille to having multiple wives? Does Jason’s mom have a crush on Jeffrey Dean Morgan? Tune...

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The Talking Dead #525: s10e22 – “Here’s Negan”

In the season finale of The Walking Dead season 10 we take a deep dive into Negan’s back story. Tune into the podcast for our full recap and discussion...

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