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The Talking Dead #613: “Rest In Peace” Feedback, pt. 2

Where do all the characters live at the end of the show? Are variant zombies created by living longer with the virus? Where did all that food come from?...

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The Talking Dead #612: “Rest In Peace” Feedback

Should more characters have died in season 11? Will any of Judith’s parental figures stick around? Would Jason rather leave the house without a hat or a shirt? Tune...

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The Talking Dead #611: s11e24 – “Rest In Peace”

The Walking Dead has come to an end. Tune in to the podcast for our complete recap of season 11 episode 24, titled “Rest In Peace”. We also chat...

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The Talking Dead #610: s11e23 – “Family”

Almost everybody reunites this week to try and take down Pamela and The Commonwealth. Meanwhile a serious herd of walkers threatens the city. Tune in for our full recap...

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The Talking Dead #609: “Faith” Feedback

Did Negan’s scene remind you of when he was the one in power? Why wasn’t Hershel allowed to sleep in a bed like everyone else? Why is Jason obsessed...

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The Talking Dead #608: s11e22 – “Faith”

This week on The Walking Dead, Daryl and the gang infiltrate Alexandria in search of the kids. Meanwhile Eugene is sentenced at his trial in The Commonwealth. Tune in...

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