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The Talking Dead #565: “Silent Night”

In what’s becoming an annual tradition, Jason and I sit down to chat about a Christmas(ish) movie. This year, it’s “Silent Night”, starring Keira Knightly and Matthew Goode. This...

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The Talking Dead #564: FTWD s07e08 “PADRE”

Alicia returns after a long absence from Fear The Walking Dead. We flashback to her time in the bunker, and find out what she’s up to now that she’s...

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The Talking Dead #563: World Beyond s02e10 “The Last Light”

We say our final goodbyes to The Endlings on TWD: World Beyond this week. Who lives? Who dies? Where do the rest end up? Tune in for our chat...

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The Talking Dead #562: FTWD s7e7 “The Portrait”, TWD: World Beyond s2e9 “Death and the Dead”

This week on Fear The Walking Dead Morgan goes to Strand for some help, but Strand is dealing with his own issues. On World Beyond, the Bennett family continues...

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The Talking Dead #561: TWD: World Beyond s2e8 “Returning Point”, Fear The Walking Dead s7e6 “Reclamation”

On Fear The Walking Dead Al tries to avoid the CRM as she goes after Isabelle, while Morgan and Grace try to convince her to come back to the...

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The Talking Dead #560: Fear The Walking Dead s7e5 “Till Death”, TWD: World Beyond s2e7 “Blood and Lies”

Dwight and Sherry return to Fear The Walking Dead this week. They ride around “robin-hodding” the area until they run into a new character. Meanwhile on World Beyond, lots...

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