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Fear The Talking Dead #444: s5e9 – “Channel 4”

Fear The Walking Dead returns this week for the second half of season 9. The Helpsters travel in a convoy, and do their best to aid a woman stuck...

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The Talking Dead #443: Dead Set

Jason and I finally get around to watching the Charlie Brooker zombie mini-series “Dead Set”! Tune in for our thoughts on the decade-old show, as well as the latest...

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Fear The Talking Dead #442: s5e8 – “Is Anybody Out There?”

This week on the podcast Jason and I chat about the mid-season finale of Fear The Walking Dead season 5. We also consider the season 6 renewal, and take...

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The Talking Dead #441: TWD Season 10 Trailer

San Diego Comic Con was this weekend, and that means we have a full trailer for The Walking Dead season 10! Jason and I break it down scene-by-scene, as...

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Fear The Talking Dead #440: s5e7 – “Still Standing”

Alicia tries one more time to help Annie and her group of kids, while Morgan goes on a mission to rescue Strand and Charlie. Tune in to this week’s...

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Fear The Talking Dead #439: s5e6 – “The Little Prince”

In a rather dull episode of Fear The Walking Dead, the group work on a plan to get over the mountain but run in to a problem only Strand...

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