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The Talking Dead #538: “Black Something”

This week on the podcast Jason and I chat about “Black… ” something. Tune in to find out what it is. We also look at the upcoming Comic-Con@Home panels...

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The Talking Dead #537: “TWD News & Listener Feedback”

With no new episode of The Walking Dead this week, Jason and I use the time to chat about the latest Walking Dead news. We also read some of...

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The Talking Dead #536: FTWD s06e16 – “The Beginning”

This week on the explosive season finale of Fear The Walking Dead we launch into different stories as the characters scatter to find shelter. Tune in for our discussion...

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The Talking Dead #535: FTWD s06e15 – “USS Pennsylvania”

The week on Fear The Walking Dead Morgan and Strand make their way through a zombie infested submarine attemping to reach the missile control room before it’s too late!...

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The Talking Dead #534: “Army of the Dead”

With a break before the final two episodes of Fear The Walking Dead, Jason and I chat about Zack Snyder’s new zombie heist movie, “Army of the Dead”. Is...

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The Talking Dead #533: FTWD s06e14 – “Mother”

Teddy takes Alicia on a maternal roadtrip in an attempt to get her on his side. They encounter some old “friends”, and Dakota is there too… for some reason....

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