Is this the site for AMC’s show Talking Dead?

NO! Sorry to be direct, but I want to make sure I’m clear. I know we have the same name, but what can I say, we had it first. If you’re looking for AMC’s Talking Dead, this is the wrong place. Sorry for the confusion.

So what is The Talking Dead then?

The Talking Dead is a fan podcast dedicated to The Walking Dead Universe on AMC. We’ve been releasing episodes since September 2009, and are still going strong.

Who are Chris and Jason anyway?

We’re a couple of guys who happen to be huge fans of The Walking Dead, TV, and podcasting. We think this trident of interests make us the perfect candidates to run a podcast dedicated to a zombie TV series.

Please note: Chris (who co-hosts this podcast) is not the same Chris who hosts AMC’s Talking Dead. Confusing, I know – but like the TV show and this podcast, we have the same name. Not much I can do about it.

Where can I find more of your stuff online?

Chris can be found on twitter @fearhurst. Jason, while he has Twitter and Facebook accounts, doesn’t really know how to use them. Chris also sometimes podcasts over at

How can I contact The Talking Dead?