Episode #2: MTV interview with Robert Kirkman

With a slightly more structured approach, Jason and I recorded the second episode of The Talking Dead last night. Some new information was released about the upcoming show on AMC, mostly in an MTV interview with The Walking Dead author Robert Kirkman. We run through those details, and then move on to talk about some other shows currently running on AMC.

You can read the MTV interview here.

More information about AMC, and all their programming is available on their official site.

Note – Please excuse my error at the end of the podcast where I misquote the URL of this website. Cut me a break, it’s a new site 😉

4 comments on Episode #2: MTV interview with Robert Kirkman

  1. TT.TKO says:

    Amazon has the release date of the 5th book (hardcover) as January 29th.

    Also, I actually did find your podcast by stumbling in a drunken internet stupor.

  2. Chris says:

    Hey TT.TKO, thanks for stopping by and checking us out.

    I also noticed the other day that Amazon has the release date and cover art. I’ve always been a reader of the hard covers but I think after book 5, I’ll get on board with the monthly comic. It’s time I stayed up to date.

    Since the AMC show is still so far away we’re going to roll out this podcast slowly. We’re hoping to do episode three in a couple of weeks.

    In the mean time, be careful surfing the web drunk… 😉

  3. Joey says:

    Are you guys going to continue the podcast?

  4. Chris says:

    Hi Joey,

    We are continuing with the podcast, and had planned to record one over the holidays but things got a little too busy.

    As you may know there has been some big Walking Dead news in the last week so we plan to record one very soon.

    Thanks for inquiring, and please stay tuned!


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