Episode #5: Fantasy Casting

Hey everybody,

I’m happy to bring you episode 5 of The Talking Dead. On this episode Jason, Dave and I discuss a casting rumour I came across on Twitter, plus do some fantasy casting of our own (mostly Dave’s actually). Open up a window to Renerd.com where you can find Dave’s full casting post and follow along as you listen! What could be more fun than that?

Some highlights include: Kate Kelton (@katekelton) as Lori Grimes, Michael Jai White as Tyreese, and Emma Caulfield (@emmacaulfield) as Carol. Tune in to hear the rest of our list, including who we think should play the lead role of Rick Grimes.

I am also happy to announce that talkingdeadpodcast@gmail.com is finally up and running. Please contact us there if you’d like to, or of course feel free to leave comments on this site. We’d love to hear your input on who you think should play the major roles.

One comment on “Episode #5: Fantasy Casting

  1. Bishop says:

    Quite honestly this was my favourite one yet. I look forward to joining you again in the future so thanks for having me guys!

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