Fear The Talking Dead #224: S1E1 – “Pilot”

After many months of anticipation, Fear The Walking Dead has finally made its debut! Tune in for our coverage of the premiere episode, along with some of your opinions and reactions.

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P.P.S. – Sorry about Jason’s audio quality. We had nothing but trouble recording him this week. He’ll sound way better next time I promise.

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3 comments on Fear The Talking Dead #224: S1E1 – “Pilot”

  1. kate says:

    Great Show, Awesome Job, Good Points Well Made!

  2. Walker says:

    Hey guys. Saying that you know that someone is in every episode this season is a major spoiler alert! Seriously, I’d expect that from a non-seasoned podcast.

  3. Watched it a second time last night (I buy the episodes on Monday from Amazon Prime) and it was better a second time through.

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