Did they pick up the pace this week? Tune in for our discussion on Fear The Walking Dead episode 2, along with your feedback about the first two episodes.

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Comments (9)
  1. Hi
    Holy crap
    did u see when Alicia took her rubber gloves of when she wiped up the puke from Nick. the next scen she did it again.


  2. I totally disagree that people would know how to deal with a situation like this because they have watched shows like this or other survivor shows. I think people that are not trained would be gripped by fear and wouldn’t know how to react. At this point in a crisis people would just be scared of “zombies” and I don’t think they would go out and face them or fight their way out of town until they had to or someone made them. Of course there are a few people that would just go above and beyond to survive immediately, but generally speaking people would be afraid and make bad choices, and probably believe that the government would have a plan to keep them safe. But not every person will just be Rambo and just into the thick of it with weapons and just know what to do.

    Also, I think any Zombie genre fan has at least a vague plan in their mind on how they would survive. But how do you know that your plan would work for sure? There would probably be things that had not been thought of or there would be problems you would run into that would make you change your plan last minute. In the midst of chaos things don’t tend to work out just as planned.

    • It’s established canon that, in the world of the walking dead, the idea of “zombies” doesn’t exist in popular culture. This is a world where that type of horror monster never was invented. This is why nobody in the shows or books ever says the word. They come up with their own terms (biter, walker, roamer).

      It’s as firmly established as the fact that the live people are the “walking dead” the title refers to. Everyone is infected by whatever causes it. Zombie bites don’t turn you, they just kill you. Dying, from any cause at all, is what turns you. Established canon, both.

  3. How did you guys so badly misunderstand the point of the Tobias knife scene?

    He went to the school for supplies, not the knife. He even spells it out. He knows what places get looted first, so he knows the school is his safest bet.

    When he gets there, what’s he find? His guidance counselor, the one who he tried to warn, who took away his protection from what was coming, is raiding the evidence locker for drugs.

    “Can I have my knife back, now” is “I told you so”. He sees she gets it. He’s making a point. That’s why he continues to school her. (The irony being that a knife like that is worthless, as he finds out when it can’t pierce Obombie’s skull)

  4. And for the record, heroin withdrawal is like a week. It does go in waves. You’re always shitty but you’re not always choking on vomit. Thus was extremely realistic. Anyone who’s been thru it knows, though, that as soon as you know you’ve got your fix (like hearing mom and the pills rattling) you get a burst of energy. Even if you couldn’t move a moment before, you can (in this case) get up and crush that pill.
    Without the oxy to get him high again, he’d be up and down for days, though never very far up. To view that as seeming “too easy” is to not understand what’s happening. (And I envy you that ignorance)

    • Oh and the seizure wasn’t faked. This is clear from the scene (you can’t fake choking on puke) but it was also confirmed by the show’s producer (or head writer or some such) in an interview. When the kid was talking to his mom, he was distracting her from his fuck up and taking the credit. Putting the best spin on it, you could say.

  5. At the end of the show you see the exterior of Matt’s house, and you can see that his parents made it home. The trunk of their care and the front door of the home is open, so it’certain they met zombie Matt

    • I noticed this also and thought they could have tape a warning on the door for the returning parents about Matt’s condition, they knew he was dangerous a little heads up would have been nice.

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