After taking last week off, Fear The Walking Dead is back with episode 3, titled “The Dog”. Tune in for our discussion about this episode, as well as lots of your listener feedback.

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Comments (4)
  1. Are people watching this without having seen the original?

    I don’t think you were clear enough answering Pam (I think it was Pam). So, to Pam: people aren’t home with “the flu” because they all got bit. Everyone already HAS the zombie virus (or whatever it is). It doesn’t kill you or make you sick. It just makes you come back when you die. That’s it. Hit by a train? Come back as a zombie.

    The bites don’t spread it. If you’re bitten you’ll die, but only because the bites make you sick in the traditional sense. They’re really gross, you get infections and die (unless it’s on an arm or something and you cut it off in time). Then, because you died, the zombie virus (or whatever) you *already had before you were bitten* kicks in and reanimated your corpse.

    That’s why it’s so dangerous. Everyone killed in that riot by normal means, shot, trampled, crushed, stabbed, heart attack, all those people reanimate and start biting. This kills the people they bite, and causes more panick thus more accidental deaths thus more zombies.

  2. How did they gloss over nick’s recovery? They show him snorting opiates. He’s high, at least a bit. That means he’s not sick. But he IS concerned about running out again, as he keeps mentioning.

    Handled realistically.

    • Yeah, no offense, but they clearly did their research on heroin addiction. From now on, if you guys feel like they’re not doing it right, assume it’s you who have it wrong.

      It’s nothing like taking pain pills for pain. It’s your body needs the drug. He gets the drug, or a close-enough equivalent, so his body no longer needs it. He sniffs his pills and the withdrawal stops. Come the next morning, he starts to need it again, and that’s when he asks his mom for more.

      (Believe me I wish I didn’t know this stuff so well)

  3. Wow, you guys are so wrong on the Heroin withdrawl. The show is actually showing it exactly like it would happen. Heroin is an opiate and so are oxycotins. By taking oxycotin he is getting the opiates that his body craves and it stops the withdrawal. He still is craving the opiates and that is why he keeps checking up on the pills his mom has. I’m sure his cravings are going to keep getting worse and his mom and him are going to have a huge fight over those pills.

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