Fear The Talking Dead #330: s3e7-8: “The Unveiling” & “Children of Wrath”

The first half of Fear The Walking Dead season 3 is now in the books with a big double-episode mid-season finale. Jason and I chat through both episodes, read a couple of your emails, and explain that mystery photo I posted on Facebook this week.

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One comment on “Fear The Talking Dead #330: s3e7-8: “The Unveiling” & “Children of Wrath”

  1. TPMster says:

    Seemed to me that the second half of S3 FTWD (S3Ep1 notwithstanding) was barely a zombie show anymore. There was an obligatory zombie scene here and there, but no scenes that were central to the story. I thought it was a disappointing direction for FTWD to head in S3….

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