This week on the podcast Jason and I chat about season 3 episode 13 of Fear The Walking Dead, titled “This Land is Your Land”. Tune in for our thoughts on this Alicia-centric episode.

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Comments (4)
  1. Hey you guys missed the one big stupid thing of this last episode: nick covering up for Troy. This was completely unbelievable and illogical from a character motivation standpoint. What possible use is Troy now? He’s dangerously unreliable and has killed so many people with his insanity I cannot fathom how they could let that slide. It’s a giant plot f*ck IMO. Better to have had nick give him up and have Madison or alicia end it. It makes no friggin sense at all.

    Great podcast but cmon guys pay attention!

  2. I think “walker” and strand are going to become gay lovers!!️‍ thank you , from JOHN And Jason in Connecticut, USA.

  3. Someone in this episode referenced the twin towers falling so we know the approximate timeline so why hasn’t anyone used the word zombie in either series? Do zombie movies not exist in this world but 9/11 does?

  4. Holy crap, did you see how Madison just let Alicia drive off alone with no argument whatsoever, then let Nick drive off after her with a psychopath, while SHE took off in the other direction to reunite Ophelia with her crazy father?! What the hell?! This woman is definitely NOT winning any mother of the year awards! If my daughter EVER announced that she was driving off alone like that, especially when there’s a massive horde nearby, there would be a hell of a fight, and there would be no way in hell I would then allow my son to stalk her with a guy who tried a few days ago to kill me (and, let’s remember, tried to kill the whole family as a medical experiment not too long ago). And Alicia, being all “you can’t make me get into the truck” – as if! A normal parent would have said, “Girl, get your ass in that truck before I put it there for you!”, but not Madison. At the start of this episode, I was telling my husband that I thought Brother’s Keeper was the best of the whole series, and he asked me why (he doesn’t watch the show); I realized it was because Madison wasn’t in it! I just can’t take her self-righteous, smug attitude, especially when she’s literally the worst parent EVER. “You’re in shock…oh, ok… bye.” OMG.

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