Season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead is officially in the books! On the podcast this week Jason and I chat about the final two episodes of the season, read some of your feedback, and announce our first ever holiday charity drive. Thanks for listening during another great season of TV!

Note: There were some issues with Jason’s audio at the beginning, and again briefly in the middle. I hope it’s not too bad, and sorry for the poor quality.

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  1. I think that the reason that Daniel takes Nick to be interrogated is that he notices differences in the stories about what happened from Madison, Taka, and Nick. At the end of ep 14 Madison said they were all in the bunker and that was when Ophelia was bit. Taka tells Daniel he wasn’t sure who she was bit when giving him the cross, then Nick says he wasn’t there when Ophelia was bit.
    Also based on his one experience with using a horde to take out enemies in season 1, he may know that they require a guide.

    Love the podcast, thanks for what you do

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