Fear The Talking Dead #390: s4e11 “The Code”

This week on Fear The Walking Dead Morgan takes shelter from the hurricane, and somehow ends up in Mississippi. After encountering some new people, he tries to find is way back to his friends in Texas. Tune in for our thoughts on season 4 episode 11, “The Code”.

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Music for this episode is “Truckin'” by The Grateful Dead.

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One comment on “Fear The Talking Dead #390: s4e11 “The Code”

  1. Hans Nielsen says:

    Hi guys
    First of…..great job your doing. Always interesting to hear your opinion on the show. Great entertainment!
    Now on the episode, you did miss a hook or whatever you call it. Jimbo aka the beermaker, which is portrait by Aaron Stanford, recently played the role of James Cole in the syfy serie 12 Monkeys. In which he’s a timetraveler. So I found it kind of funny, when he starts his ramble about the past, present and future in his pasionate “beer will save the world speech”. Thats it. Again……thank you.

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