We’re now past the half way point for season 1 of Fear The Walking Dead. Here’s our podcast covering episode 4, titled “Not Fade Away”.

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Comments (7)
  1. You guys missed something very important with the lights.

    They were a call for help, and at the end while the dad was watching suddenly there were gunshots. No more call for help?


    The dad TOLD the military about it! And we know from mom going out there that the military had execution squads. The commander blithely denies anyone could be out there, then sends a squad to make it true.

  2. Hey! I just wanted to point out that when Madison was outside the fence, right before she hid under the car, she saw that dead guy laying in the street with a gun right next to him. The infected aren’t walking around with guns, so that is probably how she came to the conclusion that the national guard is taking out people who were not infected.

    By the way, it drove me INSANE that she didn’t take the gun!!!

    • I never considered that the guy with the gun was shot by the military, but rather had comitted suicide. Only after she explains what she saw I realized what they showed us.

  3. You guys still misunderstand Nick’s situation a bit. Heroin is just a painkiller, like what your dentist gives. So the “medicine” his mom gives, painkillers from the school, is basically just weaker heroin. The idea is just to get him used to a lower dose do the withdrawal that comes when they run out won’t be as bad.

    As we know, he’s actually getting josh on the morphine from the sick guy. He lies to the doc, but she can tell (we know cuz she says “your heart rate is elevated”).
    That’s why he’s on the list to be taken away. She found out he had a problem from the rat ex-wife, and confirmed he’s still using with the checkup.

    End fact, start speculation:They’re taking away those who are at risk of dying, it seems to me. The authorities know anyone who does comes back. They don’t want outbreaks inside. The people they take away are all sick in some way. A heroin addict, in their eyes, is a threat because he could overdose at any time. Thus he needs to go like the sick old people

  4. I didn’t like the 9 days past and now everyone is in a safe zone and LA is dead. What I wanted from this show is see how civilization breaks down. There should have been at least one episode showing how the city breaks down.
    My fear for this show is what happens when people leave LA. Are we just going to watch the survivors travel around the US and see how they cope? Sounds like another show that we already watch.

  5. I have a theory: The reason the authorities are covering up the truth in the companion series is that it’s actually the flu vaccine that is the cause of the phenomenon. It wasn’t intentional and the CDC newer fully figured it out, in the main series. This is however the reason the authorities already know that everone is infected, since the vaccine didn’t immunice anyone, but rather made the virus mutate or whatever. Consider the actions of government representetives in this light and it makes sense to cover the whole thing up and take whatever actions required to correct their previous mistake.

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