This week on the podcast Jason and I discuss the penultimate episode from season 1 of Fear The Walking Dead. We also read your feedback from the last couple of weeks, and look ahead to the season finale.

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Music for this episode is “You, Me, and the Bourgeoisie” by The Submarines.

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Comments (4)
  1. Hi guys!

    My guess was that Nick will make a good distraction when the guy makes his move. Being a drug addict he is a liar and would be able to fake a bad fit of withdrawals and hold the lie. If he tried this with Doug, he would have given himself away immediately. But Nick could hold their attention and keep them busy while he makes his move to escape.


  2. I don’t think alicia was coming on to chris – she was in denial play acting at being the mom wearing her clothes and being the normal adult she will never be. She was wearing evening wear – ergo the after 8 pantomine.

    I doubt she would consider doing this back in her short shorts. Certaining they reverted to kids when running away.

  3. Oh no you’re talking about addiction again. Granted it was a listener making the mistake.

    The garage, the mom was drinking. That does NOT mean she’s an alcoholic. The listener was mistaken and you should have called out the obvious: she was drinking there *with* Travis shortly before! Does it seem like he’s the sort to randomly drink and party with his “recovering alcoholic” wife? Of course not. She’s just drinking to deal. She’s had occasional drinks, something an alcoholic wouldn’t do. At least not without being called out on it and it becoming a problem.

    And “trigger” in this context isn’t the same as like a post-trauma trigger. It’s anything that makes you want to use again. You’re thinking of the second sort. (Until the sick host corrected)

  4. P.S. you got the difference between the Ntl Guard and the regular military kind of wrong, but I assume you’ve checked it by now, and it wasn’t really that far off.

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