Fear The Walking Dead is back, so Jason and I dive right in to chat about the first episode of season 2. How long will the group stay on the water? Did Alicia give up too much information on the radio? Is Strand hiding something? Tune in for the answers to these questions, and more!

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Music for this episode is “Abigail” by The Broken West.

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  1. Do you agree that fear is using teen poor judgement to create dangerous situations, as apposed to a Dale type conscience resistor? I can’t believe a teacher would be so remiss with any form of communication used by a teen,your thoughts?After the car stealing scene in the parking garage, why would you be so careless?

  2. Don’t know if this is a higher expense or not, but heard the discussion you guys were having about how they were filming the water scenes and I had watched a video feature about how they were filming at Baja Studios (Titanic tanks and stages). http://www.bajafilmstudios.com

  3. On Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick… Dave Erickson said that because LA was on fire, the zombies were being pushed to the shoreline. Would the zombies not be attracted to the fire? Meaning they would actually all walk towards the fire, not be pushed to the shoreline..

  4. I’m trying to give Fear a chance, but I’m not feeling the love for this show yet. I hope it gets more interesting. The only characters I find really interesting are Strand and Daniel. I know a lot of shows take time to get up to speed, hopefully this one doesn’t take very long.

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