Fear The Walking Dead has returned for the second half of season 2, and that means we’re back to cover it on the podcast. Tune in as Christina and I chat about the latest episode, and read some of your feedback. Wait, who?

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Music for this episode is “How Low” by José González.

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Comments (8)
  1. Dear Chris, long time listener of your podcast! I love it, thanks for the great show! On your latest music playlist update I would just want to suggest that maybe it would also be a good idea to place it into Apple Music as most of the people internationally would be able to pick it up there (not for sure in Spotify). I am (and many of my fronds and family) (are) a Apple Music listener. Have not very often used Spotify since the Apple Music has been out (also Apple Music is much better in my opinion). Thank you for your consideration and keep up the great work! Congratulation to Jason, kind regards Peter

  2. This might be reading too much into things… but I got the impression maybe Nick’s dad was suffering from depression. The head on collision was a suicide. They said he was always “tired” which could mean he was always high. I think Madison and Travis were having an affair and Nick’s dad committed suicide because Madison wanted a divorce. That would make sense in the story and why there was so man animosity between everyone.

  3. I had no problem finding the playlist in South Dakota! Glad you made us a playlist, I always go find the music you guys used after the shows! Thanks!!

  4. Hi guys! Greetings from a puertorrican!

    I started listening towards the end of this season of TWD and have not been missed an episode since. I have even gone back to listen to older episode during my work week. Anyways, I am listening to this episode in the future and was surprised at Christina (Hope I spelled that correctly!) absolutely calling the fact that Nick’s dad’s death was not as Madison had said it was. It seems it was intentional and he did not fall asleep behind the wheel.

    Also, regarding the dogs. I don’t necessarily think they were trained attack dogs they could’ve just been absolutely starving, desperate and ready to pounce on anything for some food. Some breeds just have that predator instinct in them that can get triggered by things like that.

    Loved this episode with your wife, Chris! Hope Jason’s new baby is well and healthy.

    Have a great day!

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