Christina and I are back this week to discuss “Do Not Disturb”, season 2 episode 10 of Fear The Walking Dead. We also read some of your feedback, and play a special remix version of “Who Put The Bomp”.

Thanks to listener Shawn Bishop from Vancouver, BC for remixing Christina.

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Music for this episode is “Move” by Saint Motel.

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  1. Hi guys!

    When talking about the ratings of this show or any other show really, I wonder how accurate these are. I for one will not pay for cable TV, I live in an area that we don’t have options for providers and they have higher prices because of this. So I have a Roku and then buy the seasons on Amazon and then watch the episodes the day after it airs on TV. I would bet a ton of people watch these shows in a similar fashion.

    I also, wanted to say that I agree with you that these characters aren’t as likeable as the ones in The Walking Dead. I keep telling myself that this is new for them and they will get better… I really hope I am right about this, because I don’t find myself rooting for any of these characters at this point. I do enjoy the show still, not even close to as much as I enjoy The Walking Dead though.

    Pierre, South Dakota

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