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Fear The Talking Dead #393: s4e14 “MM 54”

Jason and I enjoyed this episode a lot more than last week’s! There was drama, action, suspense, and tension – everything I want in my Walking Dead. Tune in...

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Fear The Talking Dead #392: s4e13 “Blackjack”

We get a little bit of everybody on this week’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead. Morgan and crew are still trying to track everybody down; meanwhile Strand and...

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Fear The Talking Dead #391: s4e12 “Weak”

June and Althea deal with the aftermath of the storm and try to reconnect with Morgan. Meanwhile the “Filthy Joker” continues to manipulate the group. Tune in to hear...

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Fear The Talking Dead #390: s4e11 “The Code”

This week on Fear The Walking Dead Morgan takes shelter from the hurricane, and somehow ends up in Mississippi. After encountering some new people, he tries to find is...

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Fear The Talking Dead #389: s4e10 “Close Your Eyes”

Alicia escapes the storm in an abandoned house, and is forced to come to terms with recent events. Tune in for our thoughts on Fear The Walking Dead season 4...

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Fear The Talking Dead #388: s4e9 “People Like Us”

In the aftermath of the events at the stadium our characters have settled in to new locations, but Morgan is contemplating another big move. Tune in for our thoughts...

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