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The Talking Dead #607: “Outpost 22” Feedback

Does Outpost 22 make The Walking Dead universe feel too small? Is Negan defeated, or just getting started? Should The Commonwealth’s train have been steam/zombie powered? Tune in for...

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The Talking Dead #606: s11e21 – “Outpost 22”

Things seem to be falling into place for The Walking Dead’s final few episodes. Daryl and Carol lead a train heist, while Ezekiel and Negan plan their escape from...

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The Talking Dead #605: “What’s Been Lost” Feedback

Is there something going on with Ezekiel in the transport bus? Is Pamela actually a compelling villain? Would Jason ever take a ride in a hot air balloon? Tune...

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The Talking Dead #604: s11e20 – “What’s Been Lost”

Carol and Daryl use Lance in an attempt to track down their friends. Meanwhile, Yumiko is manipulated by Pamela into prosecuting Eugene in The Commonwealth. Tune in for our...

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The Talking Dead #603: “Variant” Feedback

Was there more to the scene with Mercer and Princess? Why didn’t zombie Sebastian attack Pamela in Lance’s cell? What exactly does Darth Vader do in his chamber? Tune...

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The Talking Dead #602: s11e19 – “Variant”

The Commonwealth authorities search for Max and Eugene in an effort to bring them to justice. Meanwhile Aaron and his crew take refuge at a former Renaissance Faire and...

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