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The Talking Dead #584: FTWD s7e9 “Follow Me” & s7e10 “Mourning Cloak”

After a little bit of time off Jason and I return to cover the first two episodes in season 7B of Fear The Walking Dead. Alicia wakes up in...

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The Talking Dead #583: “Acts of God” Feedback

What was the purpose of the swarm of locusts? Will anything epic happen in season 11? Has Jason ever been lost in the forest? Tune in for the answers...

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The Talking Dead #582: s11e16 “Acts of God”

In the second mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, Lance continues to persue Maggie after she declines to join The Commonwealth. Daryl, Aaron, and Gabe attempt to survive a...

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The Talking Dead #581: “Trust ” Feedback

Why won’t they let Daryl say the f-word more often, but they’ll show crazy violence? Where did Hornsby learn all his survival skills? Why are aliens stealing our stars?...

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The Talking Dead #580: s11e15 “Trust”

This week on The Walking Dead Lance tries to get to the bottom of what happened at Riverbend. Meanwhile back at The Commonwealth Ezekiel works on a special project,...

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The Talking Dead #579: “The Rotten Core” Feedback

How did Toby manage to survive being shot off the roof while everybody else died? Is Sebastian the most unlikeable character ever? Who does Jason’s mom want to see...

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