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The Talking Dead #542: s11e02 – “Acheron Part 2”

This week on The Walking Dead there’s more confusion about The Commonwealth, an unusual mural, and a shocking admission! Tune in to hear Jason and I recap and chat...

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The Talking Dead #541: s11e01 – “Acheron Part 1”

The Walking Dead returns to kick off the final season this week! Tune in to hear Jason and I recap season 11 episode 1, “Acheron Part 1”. Stick around...

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The Talking Dead #540: “Season 10 Wrap-Up Crossover, Part 1”

Just in time before season 11 starts, we finally get around to recording our annual season wrap-up crossover podcast with Jason and Lucy from The Walking Dead ‘Cast. After...

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The Talking Dead #539: “TWD Season 11 Trailer”

Now that ComicCon@Home is behind us, Jason and I go shot by shot through The Walking Dead season 11 trailer! We also chat about our recent vacation time, and...

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The Talking Dead #538: “Black Something”

This week on the podcast Jason and I chat about “Black… ” something. Tune in to find out what it is. We also look at the upcoming Comic-Con@Home panels...

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The Talking Dead #537: “TWD News & Listener Feedback”

With no new episode of The Walking Dead this week, Jason and I use the time to chat about the latest Walking Dead news. We also read some of...

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