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The Talking Dead #580: s11e15 “Trust”

This week on The Walking Dead Lance tries to get to the bottom of what happened at Riverbend. Meanwhile back at The Commonwealth Ezekiel works on a special project,...

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The Talking Dead #579: “The Rotten Core” Feedback

How did Toby manage to survive being shot off the roof while everybody else died? Is Sebastian the most unlikeable character ever? Who does Jason’s mom want to see...

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The Talking Dead #578: s11e14 “The Rotten Core”

Maggie, Aaron, and the rest of the gang run into a familiar face at Riverbend. Meanwhile Daryl and Rosita are sent on a mission by Sebastian Milton. Tune in...

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The Talking Dead #577: “Warlords” Feedback

What’s really going on with Toby and his whiskey finger dipping? Was the iPhone in this episode really necessary? What kind of stuff goes on in Montreal strip clubs?...

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The Talking Dead #576: s11e13 “Warlords”

Father Gabe and Aaron lead a crew from The Commonwealth to contact a new group of survivors, and end up running into a familiar face. Tune in to the...

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The Talking Dead #575: “The Lucky Ones” Feedback

Who is Hornsby actually loyal to? How involved is Mercer in the rebellion? Since when did a giraffe become a unit of measurement? Tune in for the answers to...

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