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Fear The Talking Dead #448: s5e13 – “Leave What You Don’t”

This week on Fear The Walking Dead Luciana and crew attempt to defend the oil field quarry. Meanwhile, Alicia and Strand are trying to help somebody stuck in a...

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Fear The Talking Dead #447: s5e12 – “Ner Tamid”

Charlie head out on her own, forcing June and John Dorie to go after her. Meanwhile, the rest of the convoy has a run-in with the “dick squad”. Tune...

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Fear The Talking Dead #446: s5e11 – “You’re Still Here”

This week on Fear The Walking Dead Alicia searches for the tree painter, while Morgan and Al attempt to help and injured man before it’s too late. Tune in...

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Fear The Talking Dead #445: s5e10 – “210 Words Per Minute”

Morgan and Grace visit an abandoned mall to help a person in need, while Dwight has an encounter of is own and has to decide whether to do “careful”,...

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Fear The Talking Dead #444: s5e9 – “Channel 4”

Fear The Walking Dead returns this week for the second half of season 9. The Helpsters travel in a convoy, and do their best to aid a woman stuck...

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The Talking Dead #443: Dead Set

Jason and I finally get around to watching the Charlie Brooker zombie mini-series “Dead Set”! Tune in for our thoughts on the decade-old show, as well as the latest...

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