Slow downloads update

Ok, so episode 73 is now officially hosted on LibSyn and should download quickly from here on. That said, I’m not sure if your podcast client will refresh the feed right away. Here’s what worked for me…

In iTunes, I unsubscribed and deleted the podcast entirely, then went into the iTunes Store podcast directory and re-subscribed. It loaded the updated feed and downloaded the latest episode in a couple of minutes.

If you select the show in your list of subscribed podcasts and click the ‘i’ icon at the far right you should see a window that shows you the feed URL. This URL should be .

If it’s one of the old URLs (on, that is probably ok because the audio file will still come from LibSyn, and download quickly. Also the next time you refresh, the URL in iTunes will probably be updated to the feedburner link.

If you use another program to download podcasts, the feed URL above should be what you’re subscribed to.

Alright, here’s to hoping that all this crap is behind us and everybody can have nice quick downloads from here on.

I need a drink.


P.S. – I have not moved past episodes over to Liberated Syndication for now so if you’re trying to download episode 72 or earlier it’s still gonna be slow. Once things ease up on the old server a bit those back episodes should download faster.