The Talking Dead #101: “Dirty Underbelly”

After a lengthy break for the holidays, The Talking Dead is back with episode #101. On the program with week Jason and I discuss the  resignation of Glen Mazzara and review the latest Walking Dead novel, “The Road to Woodbury”.

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Music for this episode is “When the Creeper Creeps In” from “Feeling The Fall” by The Village Green.

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One comment on “The Talking Dead #101: “Dirty Underbelly”

  1. Christian Olsson says:

    Hey guys!

    Not to be knit picking or anything but Bob Stukie is in the comics. He s sitting outside the governors apartment building drunk as a skunk. When the governor is found tortured by Michonne they tell Bob to save him since doctor Stevens died during the escape. I haven’t looked back now so I don’t know if he perhaps figures even more.

    Love the show!

    Christian Olsson Gothenburg Sweden.

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