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Happy to post episode #106 of the podcast. Jason calls in from the remote Talking Dead studio to recap Season 3 episode 12, “Clear”. Along with that we have a follow up story in The Walking Dead news, listener feedback, HC!DYST!?, and a rare appearance from Jason’s wife during our mid-show break. Thanks for tuning in!

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Music for this episode is “Sleepwalking” by The Raveonettes from their album Pretty In Black.

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  1. Fun facts about my name:

    1. 10 letters (first name!) Imagine learning to write that…

    2. My mom was from Rhode Island, my dad from the Appalachian area of Virginia. They honeymooned in the Shenandoah Valley… & my mother LOVED the scenery. I was born 2 years later.

    3. The word “Shenandoah” is probably an Iroquonian word that means “deer”. It may be derived from a chieftain’s name, Sherando (the Iroquois word for his people). It has also been translated as “Beautiful Daughter of the Stars”.

    Happy Fun Facts About Names Day!

  2. Regarding the Back Pack at the end of the episode, keep in mind Rick and his Crew might think this guy could be a spy from Woodbury

  3. Morgan didn’t just want to clear out zombies in the ‘hopes of doing some good’ as you say, he blames himself for Duane’s death in that he couldn’t and didn’t put down his walker-wife when he had the chance and now is trying to redeem himself in some fashion by taking out as many walkers as he can. This is why he wasn’t angry with Carl for shooting him and not hesitating to do so–Carl did what Morgan now wishes more than anything he could have done: don’t hesitate or second guess the instinct to stay safe and keep those around you safe at any cost.

  4. Hi, James here from the UK,

    I just have a quick question about Daryl, practically throughout the whole show he has always just used a Crossbow, which is by no means something that isn’t spectacular to see, however, it just seems to be a very poor weapon to use as although it is silent, anymore than 3 or 4 walkers coming together would surely devour him as he would either run out of bolts or just not be able to reload fast enough, this further seems especially unrealistic for him to be using when he is out on his own (mainly referring to Series 2), when any size herd could be roaming around, and it isn’t as though he wasn’t aware of the amount of walkers that can make up a herd by this stage in the show. What are your thoughts on this? and Which do you think is more important? the show being realistic or the show having spectacular kills?

    Thanks, keep up the great work, I listen every week 🙂

  5. On the hitchhiker: I think he’s largely a device.

    He reminds us that this world is different, but also the same. Most people wouldn’t pick up a hitchhiker today, because people are dangerous, but we would probably stop to help someone in distress. In Rick’s world there are actual monsters roaming the land trying eat you, but people are still the real danger. Rick would have stopped to help the guy in the past. Now he blows past him without a second glance.

    Then they visit Morgan and Rick is faced with who he will become if he continues on his current path.

    Return to the road, where the hitchhiker has met his demise. Rick may not have actively harmed him the way Morgan attacks people, but, ultimately, his actions have the same effect.

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