This week on the podcast we try something different by mixing up the format a little bit. Don’t worry, everything is still here, such as listener feedback, Holy crap, and of course our recap of season 3 episode 15, “This Sorrowful Life”.

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  1. The scope on a rifle should be adjusted depending on wind and distance. When you don’t have time to adjust the site, you gauge your targets off your first shot. So if the shot is low and to the left for example, you’ll account for that each time you fire. So it’s not odd that the site wasn’t lined up with where the bullet actually hit Ben.

  2. My HCDYST moment was Merle’s ingenuity with the rotary telephone. He used the cord to bind Mischonnes’ hands, and then he used the rotary dial part of the phone and slipped the holes over each of her fingers so she couldn’t break free. This is pretty resourceful, and kind of crazy.

  3. Anakin Skywalker doesn’t have a father. He was immaculately conceived by the metaclorians, which is why he is so gifted with the force. Also, Han Solo does not have any force ability.

  4. Hi Guys, I think Merle’s intentions were to always bring Michonne back to the Governor. However, I believe he had a change of heart shortly after speaking to Carol, when they ended their conservation calling each other Late Bloomers. As for Merle turning so fast Dr. Jenner made it very clear that some people can turn as quickly as three minutes, others can range anywhere from 2-8 hours. My HCDYST moments was the taking of the Fingers. Glen for prying the walker for the ring, & the Governor for chomping Merle’s off. WTH!!!!

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