Season 3 has now wrapped and there’s about 7 months until Season 4. Tune in to find out what Jason and I thought of the finale, and what we’re gonna do during the hiatus. We also pre-announce a contest (more details to come next week), Jason does a mini-review of The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, and Chris is confused about who actually killed Lori.

Thanks for listening during season 3 everybody, and we hope you’ll stay with us during the off-season!

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  1. The bowman’s name is Shumpert. Go back to the episode where the Governor finds Andrea and Mischonne after the helicopter crash. His name is Shumpert.

  2. Re: Carl and his mom’s death. I thought he was also deflecting the fact that he was the one that had to shoot his mother in the head. It’s not like he has the mental or emotional capacity to handle it – who would? And he’s such a “little man” that he hasn’t talked to anybody about it; understandably not Rick, but not Carol, Beth, Hershel, or Daryl either (their moment in the tombs aside). Lacking the resources and/or ability to work through it, he’s putting it off on his father.

  3. Okay, couple of comments in response to the phone call. Yes, that Hershel is a believer who’d lost his way is a well established (at least) series fact. Actually, the notion of an old-fashioned courtship period is not all that far-fetched. Yes, the pocket watch was a wake up call, call into manhood, betrothal if you will. Then comes the proposal but not before. Perfectly sensible. We need more of that as a society in today’s day and age.

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