The Talking Dead #126: “Infected” Feedback

Hi people! The time has come for The Talking Dead to expand to two podcasts per week. For the next little while we’re going to record an all listener feedback show every Wednesday evening to cover all the great comments and theories we get about the most recent episode of The Walking Dead. I hope you enjoy it, and please let us know what you think.

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2 comments on The Talking Dead #126: “Infected” Feedback

  1. Will says:

    Just want to say, as someone who doesn’t have cable & watches TWD on Monday nights, I love the format change. Looking forward to writing in with my thoughts. Keep up the great work guys, love listening to the podcast.

  2. Jim from Maine says:

    Dear Talking Dead,

    I couple of thing about infected I’d like to mention!

    The Pigpen Fire: Ric was only burning a part of the pen.
    There is plenty of stuff to the left of the shot. I think Ric
    was burning the dead pig, not the pigpen.

    The Knife: Holy Crap, Did You See That! Carol giving the
    knife to a little girl; I forsee that that knife is going to be
    involved in a suicide; do you remember the suicide pact at
    the prison in the comics???

    Many Thanks, Keep up the good work,

    Jim from Maine.

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