The Talking Dead #131: s4e4 – “Chain of Expulsion”

After a long day of travelling we’re back in Canada, and once again recording in the The Talking Dead basement. On this episode we cover the last day of Walker Stalker Con, and recap season 4 episode 4, “Indifference”. No Holy Craps or listener feedback this time, but fear not, they will be coming on a larger-than-usual Wednesday show.

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5 comments on The Talking Dead #131: s4e4 – “Chain of Expulsion”

  1. Kate says:

    Hey there! You guys are so cool because you are so honest. You sound invigorated after your jaunt down south and it’s really great that you go to have that experience. Keep the Awesome shows coming please and P.S. Thanks for the tips on what to do if one runs into a celebrity type person whom they admire and are shy about approaching. If you have more ideas please share them!~Katharine from Oregon

  2. brewpub says:

    You mention you don’t believe the swing involving the booze. I have a family member who is both alcoholic and bi-polar. Unless you actually live with it you would be amazed on the drastic swings that both the drunk and those around them can take at any moment. Going from a sad confession to I will kill for my bottle is amazingly common my friends. I have watched it for over 30 years myself.

    1. Katie says:

      To a non-addict the things addicts do are puzzling and illogical. Often they are confusing to the addict as well. I think Bob’s confession of addiction to Daryl was an attempt to be honest and get support. But filling his bag with booze instead of meds was his addiction taking over his decision making. I’m not sure I believe he would take NO meds, but I’m not surprised at all that he also indulged. Even addicts who know they need help continue to use and relapse. Often if you ask an alcoholic why they had that one drink after a period of sobriety they will tell you they just don’t know. It is a puzzling disease.

  3. John S. says:

    Hey guys. Maybe you could do a reading of the pilot screenplay. Lol It’s actually very interesting how the scenes are described. Here’s the link….

    P.s. Keep up the good work guys. Love the show.

  4. Rick says:

    If I were in the zombie apocalypse I would set up a perimeter of wood chippers and make mush out of zombies.

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