The Talking Dead #133: s4e5 – “Rambo Hershel”

On this episode of the podcast Jason and I recap and discuss The Walking Dead season 4, episode 5. Best episode of the season? Tune in to find out.

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4 comments on The Talking Dead #133: s4e5 – “Rambo Hershel”

  1. Troy says:

    Hey, guys, love the show.

    I wanted to bring up something that has really been bothering me this season that I haven’t heard anyone commenting on. There seems to be a lot of new able-bodied people in the prison who are doing nothing to help protect the group. We know these people did not come from Woodberry because the only people left were Karen, Tyreese, Sasha, and then a bunch of elderly people and young children. So all these new able bodied people were added after the conclusion of season 3. But the only thing we’ve seen any of them doing is helping clear walkers from the fence in episode 1 this season. Rick was farming with only Carl to help. Daryl was leading scouting missions mostly with characters we already knew. There was only the one kid that went along and died and then Bob. But why aren’t there new characters on the council? Why just our old familiar characters? Why aren’t these able bodied people doing more to help? Snoring guy who died in episode 2 for example. Or mystery guy in this last episode in the sick ward. For this to be a community it seems more like our main characters are doing everything while all these new able-bodied people are doing nothing but getting eaten. How many cell blocks have people? We know of 2 mentioned cell blocks but are there more with other people? Why didn’t anyone come out of the prison to help Rick and Carl when they heard gunfire this last episode or rush into cell block D when it was attacked in episode 2 by walkers? Sorry for the rant, it’s just really bothers me that the writers can’t get this right.

  2. Adam says:

    Hey guys! I’m a new listener, I enjoy the podcast. But as I’m listening, I have a quick comment about your guys’ take on the fence coming down via the snapping trees.

    I hadn’t thought about the fact that they’re likely freshly cut down, but on the episode of the AMC endorsed Talking Dead show, Adam from Myth Busters seems to think the trees were in a horrible position, and would be easily broken by the horde. I’m not a mathematician or scientist, so I have no idea.

    1. Chris says:

      Hey Adam,

      I think the thing about the logs is they would easily just fall down if the fence was swaying back and forth for any reason. Snapping into pieces is unlikely because fresh wood will actually bend pretty far before it breaks.

      Either way, you need a metal-working shop to triangulate some supports like Adam said.

      Thanks for listening!

      1. Jennifer says:

        Those trees looked professionally cut and cleaned of branches. I know I wouldn’t be able to cut down and section a tree for supports. They must have found some battery operated power tools we don’t know about.

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