The Talking Dead #137: “Dead Weight” Feedback

Here’s our listener feedback show for season 4 episode 7, “Dead Weight”. Why did The Governor try to leave the camp, only to turn back? How come Mitch didn’t react to his brother’s death? Has anything important even happened in season 4 yet? Tune in to find out what other listeners though.

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One comment on “The Talking Dead #137: “Dead Weight” Feedback

  1. Radman says:

    Hi guys,
    I wanted to respond to your discussion on 11/27 about nothing happening so far this season. That that the status quo is being maintained
    I disagree. It has been interesting seeing the disease threat introduced and showing how difficult it is to survive. Death can come from anywhere. The overriding theme this season is can you come back from what you have done to survive. We have seen almost every character steuggle with that question. Especially Rck, Carol and the Governor but everyone is coping wirh tje choices made against their pre-apocalpse morality.

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