The Talking Dead #145: s4e10 – “Debbie Downer Daryl”

This week on the podcast Jason and I recap and discuss The Walking Dead season 4 episode 10, titled “Inmates”. We also read your Holy Crap!? Did you see that? moments, and play another entry in our Record Your Favourite Scene Contest!

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3 comments on The Talking Dead #145: s4e10 – “Debbie Downer Daryl”

  1. Katharine says:

    Here’s the thing: precluding Lizzie’s abhorrent moment of impending suffocation of Baby Jude, Mika was frantically egging her on to “do something” to quiet the baby. I think if Mika had been holding the baby, she would have been smothered! Mika reacts more out of fear than Lizzie and was more frightened and concerned for her own well being than for Judith’s. Her goading peer pressure for Lizzie to silence the baby concerned me more than Lizzie’s seemingly impulsive(as opposed to malicious) behaviour.

  2. Bob and Bambi from Maryland says:

    My wife noticed something that no one else has talked about yet and that is that the guy who dies on the railroad tracks (who says there is a safe place) becomes a walker after he dies and is the walker that almost bites Beth in the earlier segment!

    The scenes were filmed in time-shifted segments, so imagine the shows scenes being played through in reverse and you’ll see what we mean. 🙂

    1. Katharine says:

      That’s a really great observation. I’m going to watch it again and look for that. This is one of those episodes that warrants revisiting for several reasons!

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