The Talking Dead #146: “Inmates” Feedback

It’s our mid-week listener feedback show for season 4 episode 10, “Inmates”. What’s wrong with Lizzie? Why was Beth crying over a shoe? Is Maggie actually bullet proof? What’s with all… the… flannel?

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2 comments on The Talking Dead #146: “Inmates” Feedback

  1. Brenda Lunn says:

    Glenn is looking for weapons. When he pulls out the knife why does he pull it out of the sheath? Is he making sure the blade is still attached? Lol Just wondering. Great podcast. Brenda from Louisville, KY

  2. Matt in St Paul Minnesota says:

    Just a thought, people are puzzled by Beth’s new ‘badassitude’, maybe making more of it than there is. I firmly believe Daryl choreographed that kill scene to get Beth on board action-wise. She kills zombie and Daryl stopped just short of saying ‘see how strong you are?’ watch his face its all there. This would parallel the scene where Tyrese does the same (only out loud this time) with the younger girl- sorry forgot her name.

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