It’s our feedback show for S04E14, “The Grove”. Is Lizzie inconsistent? Are zombie brains resistant to fire? Could Jason win a fight with a dog? Tune it to find out the answers to these questions, and hear another great scene performance from a listener.

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  1. Re: Lizzie’s apparent shifting attitude toward zombies in “Grove”

    I read her sudden willingness to shoot the crispy zombies as putting them out of their misery, as caring for them. That would fit with her feeding the prison ones and track-trapped one, being upset by Mika and Carol’s kills at the house, etc.

    Similarly, killing Mika could be seen as an attempt to make a healthy(er) walker. Her acceptance of Carol’s reminder that Judith can’t walk yet was her understanding that this wouldn’t make a fun zombie, just a dependent one.

    All this in service of Lizzie’s view of zombies as friends: unlike the dour human adults and fickle human kids, zombies couldn’t get enough of her (Lizzie). Perhaps their relentless hunger just read as passionate interest to her, something she wasn’t getting from people.

    Whacked to be sure, but logical within a certain frame of reference.

    My $0.02; keep the change… Love the show!

  2. Lizzie believed that zombies were still human enough that killing them was murder, much like Hershel in Season 2. Remember that Hershel was keeping zombies in his barn and feeding them chickens.

    At the same time, Lizzie believed that killing a person wasn’t murder if they were killed in a way that allowed them to re-animate.

    Also, it seemed to me that Lizzie only thought zombies were friendly when she had control over them. Nick was on the other side of the prison fence and couldn’t get to her. The fallen zombie on the railway track was immobilized. The old-woman zombie Lizzie was playing with was really too slow to catch her.

    Presumably Lizzie thought that since Mika was timid in life, and Judith was a baby, they would re-animate as tame zombies, i.e. something like Michonne’s pets.

    So Lizzie’s behaviour didn’t seem inconsistent to me, just morbid and naïve.

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