The Talking Dead #181: “Strangers” Feedback

Here’s our feedback podcast for The Walking Dead season 5 episode 2, “Strangers”. Was that really Martin around the fire? Will Bob’s leg meat have an ill effect on the Termites? Is Humpty Dumpty actually an egg? Tune in for the answers to these questions and a whole lot more. Thanks for listening!

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3 comments on The Talking Dead #181: “Strangers” Feedback

  1. Mathias says:

    My name is Mathias and i live in Sweden. I just found your podcast and i love it. TWD is not that big in Sweden an i just love to here u break down every episode piece by peice. (as i do in my own head all alone)
    Here´s my thoughts about the latest episode. As everyone else i just love the last scene with Bob. But i´m thinking about something else.
    If the Termites end up killing Bob, what will that do to Sashas and Tyrees realtionship? I´m pretty sure that she will be mad as hell if in fact Tyrees let Martin go, which i think he did.
    I am a great zombiemovie fan and has been so for a long time and i think the best part about TWD is that they managed to capture the same “whatever we do everbody still dies” feeling that i love in the old classic Zombie movies.
    Any way, it would be fun to hear your thought about this and i leave u with one of my favourit quotes.
    “Heroes never die, they just reload”
    (John Rambo)

  2. jana says:

    i think when rick and Sasha killed the cannibal group the others were looking like maybe this is the kind of thing that made the cannibaliszticgroup the way they they were good at one time but after all the bs this is how they lost their way..and glen maggie and tyrece saw this same transformationing happening in their group

  3. jana says:

    but yes they deserved the slaughter of course lol

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