The Talking Dead #182: S5E3, “Four Walls and a Roof”

This week we recap season 5 episode 3, titled “Four Walls and a Roof”, and read some of your Holy Crap!? Did you see that? moments. Is Rick Grimes the kind of guy who keeps his promises?

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5 comments on The Talking Dead #182: S5E3, “Four Walls and a Roof”

  1. Chuck LaChance says:

    My favorite moment of “Four Walls and a Roof” was when the termites were in the main room of the Church calling out for Rick and his crew. There is a shot of Carl holding his gun up and above this we see baby Judith. Almost on cue when Gareth calls out her eyes go wide and she slowly turns her head in the direction of his voice. With all the incredible acting talent on this show she should be nominated for an Emmy award for that performance.

  2. Jana says:

    It would make the most sense that Abraham picked Maggie and Glen to go with him to D.C. because he trusts Glen. They have worked together for a while at this point and in order for Glen to go Maggie has to go. They learned this the hard way, Glen will not leave her again and he has said to just about everyone.

  3. Leon says:

    “How did Gareth know that Carol killed his mom” Easy, there was a camera in that room.

  4. Seth says:

    Gareth knew about Carol (gray haired b) being the one to start the fall of Terminus due to Martin.

    [start speculation] They never show Mary being eaten. Gareth could have gotten to her after being partially eaten to say something about a woman (gray haired?). They could have put it all together.

    The termites were very detailed oriented. I think they were more than capable of learning about who they just caught in some way and putting things together. We didn’t see when or how they connected the dots, but that would have been boring TV.
    [end speculation]

  5. Petter says:


    How could Gareth know that Carol killed his mother?

    The word “kill” can have two slightly different meanings. You can use it in a direct or literal way like when you say that Rick killed Gareth. But you can also say things like “Hitler killed my neighbours” or “big brokerage houses killed my father”.

    I think Gareth meant it in the latter sense, that Carol started something that led to his mothers death and that she is responsible for Marys death. This he knows from Martin.

    That Carol also killed Mary in the former sense, and im not sure you can say she did, is a confusing coincidence that Gareth is unaware of.

    I don’t know that im right but that’s how i make sense of Gareths accusation.

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