The Talking Dead #184: S5E4, “Slabtown”

This week Jason and I recap season 5 episode 4, titled “Slabtown”. Plus we read your Holy Crap!? Did you see that? moments, and play another entry in our Record Your Favourite Scene Contest. Thanks for tuning in!

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3 comments on The Talking Dead #184: S5E4, “Slabtown”

  1. Jana says:

    I would say that when the girl says to Beth “It’s easy to make a deal with the Devil when you’re not the one paying the price.” She is referring to Gorman, it’s easy for him to make a deal with the Devil because he isn’t paying the price, and she is. And I would say that his deal is having a place that is safe and comfortable for him.

    Also I don’t think they will kill off Noah, at least for a while. I think he is the one in the bushes with Daryl. When Beth was taken back in the Hospital and he got out, she looked almost happy. I would guess that they had a deal that if one got caught the other would keep going and find Beth’s group for help. Then I bet Noah ran into Daryl and Carole, and Carole was intentionally taken by these people, while Daryl and Noah go get the group for help.

    Anyway, in the comics there is a walled community in Richmond, Virginia called Alexandria. I am guessing that this will come in to place at some point later in the season or next season maybe.

    Thanks guys, Love the show!!

    Pierre, South Dakota

  2. SJ says:

    I disagree slightly. I think Joan’s statement, “It’s easy to make a deal with the Devil when you’re not the one paying the price,” is actually referring to Dawn. I would assume Dawn has tacitly or overtly allowed Gorman to lay claim to Joan in whatever way he chooses (rape) in exchange for peace/order etc. I suppose she feels she needs to pay her officers in some way for their service (and for their support of her leadership), and it’s Joan’s duty “for the greater good” to comply.

  3. LC says:

    I’m so surprised anyone was confused about what was happening in the hospital. Dawn stays in charge by allowing the male officers to rape the women that are brought in. When Beth is first being shown around, she sees an officer leaving a room. When she looks into the room a sad looking girl just closes the door. Joan first said something about Dawn thinking she’s in charge, but only as long as the male officers, like Gorman, are placated. Later, the line “it’s easy to make a deal with the devil if you don’t pay the price,” as long as Dawn isn’t being raped, she can go with the flow.

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