The Talking Dead #19: Crazy guys gang

This week on the Talking Dead Jason and I discuss the following:

New Walking Dead podcast, The Walking Deadcast.

Casting update from IMDB

  • Roger Herrera as Vato Gang Member
  • M.V. Oliphant as Nurse
  • Jevocas Green as zombie
  • IMDB now lists 7 episodes, not 6.

Frank Darabont explains why they chose Andrew Lincoln to play Rick Grimes
Gale Anne Hurd praises AMC
New photos from the set

Quick hits:

  • The Walking Dead will be featured on the cover of HorrorHound magazine in September. Melissa Cowan aka “bicycle girl” will be on the cover.
  • AMC releases an iPhone app with news and video for all their shows, including The Walking Dead
  • George Romero will likely NOT direct an episode of TWD. Talking to Shock Till You Drop: If approached by Frank Darabont Romero said: “I’d probably ѕау nο. Mу zombies аrе іn thе closet аnd I hаνе mу οwn particular way οf using thеm. I’m clinging tο mу οwn franchise, аѕ peculiar аѕ thаt іѕ. It’s nοt bіg box office, bυt іt’s mine.”
  • AMC asked on Twitter: If you lived in a post-apocalyptic world, would you rather be a human or a zombie?

A potential problem with The Walking Dead (by Keith McDuffee at

Plus listener feedback and iTunes reviews.

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