The Talking Dead #200: S5E10 – “Them”

In our 200th podcast, Jason and I recap and discuss season 5 episode 10, titled “Them”. We also read your Holy Crap moments, and play the latest entry in our Record your favourite scene contest. Thanks for listening!

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4 comments on The Talking Dead #200: S5E10 – “Them”

  1. Jay says:

    Hey’a guys, from Melbourne Australia!

    I started listening at the start of season 5, you guys are great! Thanks so much for giving me something to listen to at work. You guys go into a lot of in depth stuff in your P’casts. I can relate, I’m in the home entertainment industry as a designer, so I read into shows/films a lot!

    Keep it up guys!



  2. Jana says:

    Hi Guys!

    I just thought I would throw my 2 cents in on everything. First of all, I think Maggie went back to the trunk with “undead Grandma”, to put Grandma down. She has certainly lost hope but just like in the barn, when push came to shove, she jumped into action to help others. She still feels loyalty to people, especially those in her group of misfits.

    Anyway, at this point in the episode, with “undead grandma” I felt like they did this for Aaron’s benefit. It just made sense to me, cause in the comics he is watching for a bit before approaching them. I think Maggie helped save the group by going back to put down “undead grandma”. And then when Aaron came out and introduced himself, I was elated! I don’t generally do a good job on predictions but this time I seem to have got it, spot on!

    Thanks guys, love the show!
    Jana, South Dakota

  3. Beth says:

    At first I thought dream sequence; then I thought horrible deus ex machina tornado. Now… They’re all dead. From here out, it’s all a death sequence.

    This works because I also lean toward wrapping the whole series up “Dallas”/”Newhart” style: It was all a dream while Rick was in a coma. The various characters were all doctors (Carol), nurses (Darryl, Maggie), orderlies (Glen), candy stripers (Beth), roommates (Tyreese), preachers (Hershel), visitors/family/co-workers (The Governor is his boss!), or fever dreams.

    Seriously, though… This whole episode irritated me. First, it was slow. They have slow epis from time to time, but this one absolutely dragged.

    The bridge with Sasha annoyed me because there was little reason they couldn’t continue to throw zombies off after Sasha killed one; I think they all needed to blow off steam, but nobody admits to it and they just blame Sasha.

    Not questioning a bound and gagged zombie in a car where the driver obviously escaped seems stupid: You don’t know where that driver is (have they left the area or are they hanging around?) or how dangerous they may be.

    They didn’t even bother to examine the water to see if it was opened or not, and then there was miraculously rain.

    Bah. Up until the last 10-15 minutes, I was thoroughly annoyed by this one.

  4. Mathias Davidsson says:

    Hi guys.
    I wrote an email about two weeks ago about why they don´t have a stroller or some kind of wagon for baby Judith. Yes i´ve noticed the backpack/babypack on Ricks back but they hardly seem to use it. Judith must be the most tolerant and quiet baby in the hole World thats putting up with being carried around all the time.
    I might sound obsessed with this but i Think itt would be more realistic if they had something to drive her in.
    Love to here your thoughts about this.

    “Father of Three”
    Mathias Davidsson

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