Here’s our feedback show for season 5 episode 12, “Remember”. What’s Carol up to? Do the Alexandrians have an ulterior motive? Why does Jason know so much about teenage girls? Tune in for the answers to these questions and more!

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Comments (2)
  1. The most fictional idea in the The Walking Dead is not the walkers, it is that Northern Virginia could be successfully evacuated in a zombie apocolypse.

    We can’t even drive to work on a Tuesday without it taking 3 hours at least.

    Also, first Noah with his busted leg completely leaves Tyreese in the dust, now they put him on “going on runs” duty?

  2. What’s the deal with filming the auditions? Feels very suspicious to me how we are shown these recordings from the point of view of them being played back (as indicated by the audio quality). This presents the question; who is the unseen audience of the recordings? I think these recordings are being provided to some higher authority than Diana who is studying the group members from a distance and might have been doing so for longer than we think. What is it Rick says prophetically? (and it features twice in this episode)…” these people they study you they find your weakness”. Is Rick’s weakness his desire to be a cop again? (Or blonde hairstylists?)
    Is Carl’s video games and interesting mysterious girls his own age?
    Is Carol’s pastel blue cardigans?
    Is Daryl’s an unlimited supply of possum to gut?
    Great episode. Loved how dorky a clean shaven Rick looked in his McCop gear. Carol too. Love that Daryl is refusing to shower and took his possum with him to his interview. Brilliant.

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