The Talking Dead #21: “Swimming in Butter”

Hi everybody, and thanks for checking out episode #21 of The Talking Dead. Today on the program we welcome the creator of the Annotated Walking Dead Google Map, and Character list, Jason McDonald. That’s right, Jasons outnumber me 2 to 1 on this episode.

After interviewing Jason, all three of us get into the following news:

Casting update from IMDB

Episode titles, according to the IMDB

  • 1. “Pilot”
  • 2. “Dead Man’s Identity”
  • 3. “Fresh Meat”
  • 4. “Cold Blood”
  • 5. “Highway To Hell”
  • 6. “Unhappy Ending”

Three new teasers released
Season 2 Follow up – not happening?
Dread Central set visit part 4
Possible pilot screening in the UK on September 24?
The Walking Dead cupcakes
More awards for The Walking Dead comic
Footage at The Cologne Conference

All this plus listener feedback!

You can find Jason McDonald’s work at the following links:
Annotated Walking Dead Google Map
The Walking Dead character list
My Living Dead Girl

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  1. Bishop says:

    Thought: “Unhappy Ending” Shane & Rick head in to Atlanta when “IT” goes down. Rick is forced to kill Shane and ends up telling people the zombies got him.


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