Here’s our podcast for season 5 episode 15, titled “Try”. As usual we recap the entire episode, and read your Holy Crap!? Did you see that? moments.

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Music for this episode is “Houses” by Great Northern, from their album “Remind Me Where the Light Is

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Comments (2)
  1. Dawn, from Baton Rouge Louisiana: I used to think Enid was a spy for the wolves, but now I think she is becoming Sophia from the comics (obviously minus being Carol’s daughter). What do you guys think?

  2. Agree with Rick 100%, if I were him it’s time to take over the town…

    His timing was terrible though, needed more planning, get Daryl, Sasha, Abraham on his side… grab the guns, kill some Alexandrian men, Kill Deanna and just take over.

    Again though timing was terrible with that speech.

    – Leon from Dallas

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