The Talking Dead #213: S5E16 – “Conquer”

Here’s our podcast for the season 5 finale, “Conquer”. We recap this entire super-sized episode, and read your Holy Crap!? Did you see that? moments.

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7 comments on The Talking Dead #213: S5E16 – “Conquer”

  1. Mackie Mallory says:

    My favorite scene was the one right at the end, where Rick Shoots Pete. I think that this scene really showed how the apocalypse has changed Rick. Before he was a cop, didn’t take justice into his own hands. His mentality has really changed from his “you kill, you die” motto. As well, it showed the contrast between Rick and Morgan; Rick will kill if anyone threatens him or his group, but Morgan thinks all life is precious, not killing the two men who threatened him.

  2. Mitch says:

    He doesn’t pull the trigger. There was no sound from a gunshot and the noise would have alerted the rest of Alexandria.

  3. Daryl says:

    What was up with the guy being eaten by the walker on Father Gabriel’s walk? I have trouble believing that someone who has survived this long, and come all the way to Alexandria on his own, would be taken down by a single zombie so close to the gate. Also, what good are Alexandria’s scouts if they’re missing people that close to the walls?

  4. Jana Hirth says:

    Hey Chris and Jason,

    I was wondering, will you guys review episodes of the companion series, Fear The Walking Dead?

    I really hope you do, I love listening to your show and think it would so awesome to hear from you guys what your thoughts are on both shows.

    Pierre, South Dakota

  5. Seth says:

    Carol didn’t tell Rick to do it now. She said, “Not Now” when Pete was first showing up.

  6. I instantly thought of this bit when Morgan fought the Wolves…

  7. Iain says:

    All in all I thought this was an edge-of-your-seat finale. I haven’t felt this tense watching The Walking Dead in a long time.

    However, I was a bit disappointed with the ending. The way Norman Reedus talked about it, I was expecting something truly gut-wrenching to happen to one of the major characters, but it all turned out pretty well for them.

    I just hope the next season starts where this one left off and we don’t have several off-screen months elapse in the mean time, as we have in previous season premiers. I want to see Morgan getting reacquainted with Rick – I want to see Morgan’s reaction to what just happened. I want to see what effect this dose of reality has on the Alexandrians.

    Thanks for a great podcast, I’ve been hanging out for it each week.

    Perth, Australia

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