The Talking Dead #216: Podcast Awards

In what is probably our most random and disorganized podcast ever, Jason and I live-cast the 10th Annual Podcast Awards announcement ceremony. What’s the funniest Douglas Adams quote? Who’s the oldest Beatle? Did we actually win the Entertainment category? Tune in to find out.

P.S. – This show was totally off the cuff. If that’s not your thing, consider yourself warned! 🙂

One comment on “The Talking Dead #216: Podcast Awards

  1. Steven says:

    Hey Chris and Jason love the show long time listener. Not sure if you guys checked this out it was a panel the NY times did with Scott Gimple,Andrew Lincoln and Steven Yeun. (during the season 5 mid season break)

    I thought you guys might think it was interesting and maybe talk about it on the podcast.
    Can’t wait for the crossover podcast with the walking dead cast!

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