The Talking Dead #232: s6e2 – “JSS”

Join us this week as Jason and I discuss The Walking Dead season 6 episode 2, “JSS”. We also revisit “turn-gate” from last week, and read your Holy Crap!? Did you see that? moments. Plus stay tuned at the end for a new after-show segment. Thanks for listening!

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Music for this episode is “Enid” by Barenaked Ladies.

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4 comments on The Talking Dead #232: s6e2 – “JSS”

  1. Kate says:

    Oh, man, you had to use THAT screen shot, didn’t you? ACK! OH, hey, have you seen this person’s Walking Dead creative work? It’s hilarious. You will see! I just found out about it from the guys over on TWDEnthusiasts. These are the links I looked at, but I think there’s a lot more on reddit.

    Cheers! And Happy Halloween! Kate

  2. Kate says:

    Yeah, the ‘A’ stamp, Sam the kid had it in the beginning when Carol was talking to him on the porch. And last season at the Welcome to Alexandria party Sam was stamping people’s hands with it. I am sure that by the time you read this you will already have figured this out by re-watching the ep. But I wanted to write it anyway. TTYL! Kate

  3. Jim Hohman says:

    I can explain Carol and smoking. Watch the other coffee klatch women as Shelly goes on about the pasta maker and Tuscany. They are embarrassed or uncomfortable with the huge unreality of it. Carol, who in her Suzy homemaker guise has been speaking up more and more, starts about smoking but ends reminding Shelly how many other things are trying o kill her It is recognizing that someone needs to burst Shelly’s bubble with the reality of their situation

  4. Bo says:

    Kate, I’m glad you posted a comment because I was yelling at my ipod. lol. The A and the W are part of a theme. I feel like the A represents feeling trapped and is referenced in the last season a lot as well as the Train Car or the Church. The W seems to represent violence or the ability to use violence as means to survival. So this is why it’s a symbolic momment when Carol see’s the A while removing the W. Love the podcast!

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