The Talking Dead #236: s6e4 – “Here’s Not Here”

Here’s our podcast for season 6 episode 4, the 90 minute Morgan-centric epic “Here’s Not Here”. Tune in for our full recap, and your Holy Crap moments!

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Music for this episode is “True Hearts” by Foam Lake.

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2 comments on The Talking Dead #236: s6e4 – “Here’s Not Here”

  1. Jenny from SC says:

    You mentioned on your podcast that you didn’t understand why Morgan was saying “You had a gun and a knife” and “You were supposed to”. He is not referring to the events that had just happened with Rick. He was referring to the source of his PTSD, which was the death of his son. He (Morgan) was supposed to dispatch of his walker wife. He didn’t. That caused his son’s death.

  2. Alison says:

    Did you catch the callback to S5 when we see Morgan at Father Gabriel’s church and he laid a rabbit’s foot and GooGoo Cluster on the altar. Thought that was an interesting tie in for this episode.

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