The Talking Dead #243: “Heads Up” Feedback

Here’s our feedback show for The Walking Dead season 6 episode 7, “Heads Up”. How are people feeling about the Glenn situation? Is Olivia really the best person to be guarding the armoury? How many TV show theme songs does Jason actually know? Tune in for the answers to these questions and more!

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3 comments on The Talking Dead #243: “Heads Up” Feedback

  1. chris says:

    Chris from Toronto canada

    Some FYI
    I have only read the commics up to Alexandrea .
    Did you know that Kirkman struck his agreement with AMC when the group reached Alexandrea? I do wonder if AMC has influenced his writting of the story since joining with AMC.

    Also, green balloons signalled the Safe meeting spot. The colour had significance.

    I just started to listen to you guys last week and it seems there is a lot of hate on for the series and what is going on. I guess I am listening to you guys and also watching the TD to get better clarity as to what has been going on.

    I think a couple thing to keep in mind. We dont have to see every single thing that happens on screen. Rick screwing in screws into the metal may have been pre drilled prior to installation.

    I am perplexed as why they didnt just reinforce the gravel pit and leave the zombies there? and maybe burn them or spend time to kill off a few a day. build it into the groups chores.

    Also, now that the zombies were out, and the horn started to attract the zombies. Why not just drive the f…ing truck away and blow the horn? I dont really get why it was such a problem with the horn? They were using flares and gun fire to lead them out of the gravel pit, why not use the same tools to get them out of Alexandrea?

    Certainly there seem to be more flaws in the season and you have to surrender yourself to the storey line and how it is written.

    I am ammazed that they were able to find a box of cigars and RPG’s in perfect condition after a tremendous amount of looting that has gone on. Although, the fact that Alexanrea hasnt had anyone challenge their location, (the wolves were led there by the photographs and map) they may be in a very remote area??

    Anyway, please make sure you guys wath TTD after as well and maybe add a female to your podcast for that perspective.

    I also beleive they are trying to tell a deeper story with some of the interactions. I do think the church tower and the tear down of the posters is illustrated for a reason.

    I am surprised Daryl was so easily fooled, however, it does seem that most people they meet have been protected from the outside for most of this ordeal. Only killing 25 zombies isnt much. the alexandrians, seemed to get lucky that they put up the wall right away and didnt have to deal withthe outside at all. I am surprised the alexandrians didnt turn on each other earlier.

    Anyway, I do love the show and wonder if it can contine to keep the same interest.

    I imagine all time lines will converge on this sundays show.

    keep up the good work!

  2. Lynne Pinauin says:

    I do not understand why anyone is a fan of Carol. She admits in season one that she knew her husband was touching her daughter abd she did nothing about it. And Now, she is suddenly a bad ass. Seriously… Where was this bad ass when her own daughter so desperately needed it.

  3. Noel Walch says:

    I don’t know how they built those houses in Alexandria, but the sound proof on them is amazing. I ground floor full of crazed zombies full of bloodlust for the occupents, but upstairs, you could here a pin drop.

    Loved listening to the show, can’t wait for the second half to start up.

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