The Talking Dead #249: s6e9 – “No Way Out”

Hey everybody, The Walking Dead is back with episode 9 of season 6 and Jason and I are here to recap and discuss it. We also get a bunch of podcast housekeeping out of the way and read your Holy Crap!? Did you see that? moments. Thanks for listening!

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9 comments on The Talking Dead #249: s6e9 – “No Way Out”

  1. Troy says:

    Jason… Yes, they could have lit the fire by using a match or a lighter…but… have you ever tried to light a gas fire with a match? With THAT much fuel it would have blown Daryl across town. But, the rocket launcher was also used for the noise and explosion to attract the walkers from all over Alexandria.

  2. Kara says:

    Jason and Chris
    I KNOW the reason why Daryl used the rocket launcher to light the fire in the pond, he is completely out of stacks of $100 bills to light up and throw 🙂 (as he and Beth did in episode “Still”, they found the stacks of $100 bills for fire starting)

    There you have it…Mystery solved! xoxo~ Kara

  3. Don says:

    ‘Biggest problem with using the RPG is the waste of ammunition. Daryl KNOWS there’s another dangerous group out there willing to kill and take. Using up a third of your remaining RPG rounds to start a fire is just dumb. Smart characters doing dumb things is something with which TWD constantly struggles.

    1. chris in canada says:

      I agree. I am more concerned with the conseration of amunition. I think there was only 3 rounds.

      But yes, sound of RPG explosion was used to help attrack the walkers.

      And as mentioned, I was wondering why they didnt burn up the walkers in the quary pit? Leading them out of the quary was a huge mission and far too many risks.

      Also, as a “task” of the community, part of your chores could have been to go to the quarry every day and kill the walkers. It gives purpose to the group.

      A fundamental part of society or civilization or even uncivilized society is the desire to survive. Hunters and gatherers. Food, shelter, security are the normal threads to this society and new world.

  4. Jeremy M says:

    Hey guys, just a note I saw elsewhere,which I loved, I can’t remember where or I’d give credit. “when you have a rpg launcher, every problem has a rpg shaped solution…”
    Hence the reason he used it. =)

  5. Robert says:

    The only Problem I have is that Abe found the RPG he should have been the one firing it off. It is certainly in his character to go gong-ho and waste ammunition just to create a bang.

  6. Robert says:

    One plot hole that I noticed is that in the finale episode the Wolf took Rosita gun. In this episode Carol asked Rosita for her gun. So if she had two guns then she must not cared for Denise getting kidnapped at all.
    The wolf also never used the gun that he took from Tara and Rosita or lost them one.

  7. chris in canada says:

    Yes, that is awsome!

  8. chris in Toronto, Canada says:

    Love the podcast.

    I would love it even better if you guys watched The Talking Dead after TWD.

    There are additional commentary that is important to the story. I liked how you commented on how the gunshot wound affected Karl.

    Keep up the good work.

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