The Talking Dead #254: s6e12 – “Not Tomorrow Yet”

Today on the podcast we recap season 6 episode 12 of The Walking Dead, “Not Tomorrow Yet”. As always, we also ready your Holy Crap, Did you see that?! Moments. Thanks for listening!

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Music for this episode is “Not Tomorrow Yet” by Matthew Sigmon.

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3 comments on The Talking Dead #254: s6e12 – “Not Tomorrow Yet”

  1. Lorri says:

    From Houston 🙂

    In reference to Tobin and Carol’s conversation. He was saying she does the bad ass things she does BECAUSE she is a mom…Like a mama bear. Threaten my cubs and I will mess you up.

  2. Don says:

    Good build-up and mostly effective combat scenes undone by more things that don’t make sense. This is a constant with this show… but we keep coming back.

    A few bones to pick:
    1) No recon of Negan’s outpost before the assault + allowing Maggie to be there

    2) Glenn and Heath not reloading and getting behind cover Before opening the door. The “Let’s stand here in plain view so they can shoot us” approach is probably not the best idea.

    3) The support personnel like Maggie and Carol sitting in vehicles (restricted visibility) looking primarily in a single direction. The “come and sneak up on us” school of perimeter security

    4) Let’s all just saunter out and hug good-bye after the battle is “over”

    C’mon writers. Smart characters doing Dumb things is just frustrating.

  3. Matt says:

    Checking in from Delaware.

    Holy crap – did you guys notice that every single savior sleeps on their back, facing upwards? Awfully convenient.

    I think they should’ve made one of Glenn’s kills a little trickier, add even more tension to the scene!

    Thanks guys.

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