Hey everybody! Here’s our recap podcast for The Walking Dead season 6 episode 14. I thought it started a bit slow, but really picked things up for the second half and ended up being a great episode. Thanks for tuning in!

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Comments (5)
  1. The Twice as Far was at least a reference to the decision at railroad tracks. Daryl wanted to walk twice as far and avoid the railroad tracks. Rosita wanted to take the direct route; who ended up being right?

  2. Hey there, Daryl didn’t want to take the train tracks maybe because that’s what led the group to Terminus and now he’s kinda wary of them.

  3. In “Twice as Far” the truck Daryl was driving needed to be double clutched. That’s why he was grinding gears. Modern vehicle today are synchronized manual transmissions so double clutching is not necessary.

  4. I hope you get this in time for the feedback podcast.

    (1) One Holy Crapper noticed the handprints on the apothecary-boutique storefront. But no one seems to have made the connection between the handprints outside and the “Hush” written all over the wall in the storage room where the mother & child were. Connecting the dots: mother locked inside w/toddler, walkers outside the store, baby crying & screaming from hunger, mother is trying to keep things quiet as possible & so “tells” her child to hush by writing it on the wall, walkers go away, but mother & child still locked in storage, mother gets hungry, eats child, then dies of starvation.

    (2) Guess y’all haven’t spent a lot of time in the southern US. There are all kinds of expressions there that wouldn’t make a lick of sense to anyone as there are in other parts of the world. Yes, Abraham makes stuff up, but he’s a southern boy so it’s his heritage. On the whole, I enjoy the little bit of comic relief & having to think about what he’s talking about (as opposed to the dialogue that should be made more plain like Carol’s exchange w/Daryl).

    (3) Listening to you podcast, I realized what’s going to happen w/Morgan & Carol. He feels responsible for her. He knows she’s not used to fending for herself w/o killing. He goes to join her to help keep her safe. Maybe they find the cheesemaker’s cabin. Maybe he teaches her aikido. Maybe together they will save some of our gang from the Saviors. At any rate, I predict they will become their own aikido duet. It would be an unprecedented thing to do to have an in-show spinoff. We can follow Morgan & Carol from time to time, sandwiched in occasionally to the main storyline.

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