Here’s our podcast for the season 6 episode 15, “East”. Tune in for our complete recap, as well as your holy crap moments.

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Music for this episode is “Styggo” by The Dandy Warhols.

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Comments (3)
  1. East: the Final Straw

    1) Zero coordination as people scatter
    2) ANOTHER ambush
    3) Characters just strolling down the trail not paying attention.
    4) Characters stopping to talk, loudly, out in the open.

    This kind of recent BS is Every bit as bad as the perfectly placed stealth zombies used too often in earlier episodes.

    The writers have lost control and don’t care that what their characters are doing doesn’t make sense.

    Done with TWD, but I’ll continue to listen to your podcast because it’s Better than the show is.

    • Logical Fallacy Ref:

      “We Have an Ad Hominem Attack.”

      “Personal Foul, Attacked the Opponent Instead of His Argument”

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