It’s our feedback show for The Walking Dead season 6 episode 15, “East”. What kind of weapon did Carol have up her sleeve? Would Glen really go after Daryl so quickly? Why didn’t Jason join his high school football team? Tune in for the answers to these questions and many more. Thanks for listening!

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Comments (3)
  1. What if they’re killing off two main characters this season? Darryl and Glen.
    it’d shock everyone. Also, may explain why we’re getting more of Abe. he’ll step up to be number 2 for Rick?

  2. My theory of who is the one who got the sweet sweet love of lucille

    Here is my Theory: Discard by “technical” terms, visual story:

    In the last cut you can see the shadow of Negan crossing in front of Rick’s face from left to right, what do I mean with that? I mean that the one who died is located to the right of Rick (I discard: Carl, Sasha, Aaron Eugene and Rick, who are to Rick left)

    Bonnus support: Negan’s Body expression when he says “pull out the kids eye and feed it to his dad”… and move his body to the right to note Carl position, so he is not in front of Carl.

    Discard by narrative terms, what the characters say:

    It is definitely a male character. Negan says “he’s taking it like a champ” that means that the one who takes the hit is a man, so ¿Who are the men to the right of Rick? in order: Abraham, Darryl and Glenn.

    And all my bets go to … Abraham!

    Bonnus support:
    -physical: Abraham is the only one with the physique to stay standing at the first hit
    -body an expression: It is the only one looking directly into the eyes of Negan and saying with his body expression “I’m ready to die.”
    -He said goodbye to Eugene and Sasha
    -He’s who died by an arrow in the comic, so his dead will explain the reason why Denise died (deaths get mixed up in order to save glenn)
    -I hate redheads

    Cheers from Colombia!!!!
    Yelka Pineda

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