That’s a wrap on The Walking Dead Season 6 everybody. Jason and I spend over two hours recapping this episode, discussing the ending, and reading your Holy Crap moments.

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Music for this episode is “Last Day On Earth” by Swervedriver.

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Comments (6)
  1. Jayne’s gun was named Vera, not Charlene.
    Also, it didn’t kill the camera-man. It killed the guy that ran the electronic disassembly net at the end of episode 6 (Our Mrs. Reynolds). And they showed it, on camera.

  2. It is only the “beginning of a new story” if Negan killed Rick.

    Plot flaw: If Negan sent a crew to kill Rick’s gang as retribution for killing the first group of Negan’s saviors, then why keep any of Rick’s group alive now that they are completely surrounded and helpless. Negan would be much better off killing the badasses now. He should know they will only be trouble later.
    Great podcast, very entertaining when I walk the dog.

  3. FFS looked like Freddy Mercury when he emerged from the camper 🙂 TBH I thought the finale was scheitte. After the first road block it was obvious they were being corralled . Considering Rick has evolved or actually devolved in to a homicidal maniac why did they not just phuqen waste the shower of scheitte at the first roadblock. I absolutely am hooked on your Podcast so keep up the good works laddies and Best O` Scottish luck to you trying to work out who got killed (Glen 😉 ) I apologise for any spelling errors, absolutely pished on home brew English Bitter at the moment and still trying to type. Fat fingers and alcohol allied to the internet do not a good combination make 🙂

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